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i am available as a musician for recordings, live and touring. my first instrument is bass (electric, electric fretless, 4&5-string, electric upright) but i also play one of the following if requested: drums, guitar (all types), keys and computer/synth, sax (only additional or for soundeffects), background vocals.

for tracks i am currently working on please visit my soundcloud-profile and for bands and projects i was involved in take a look at the sites linked below.

my musical style is mainly influenced by punk, singer-songwriter, 90‘s alternative, blues, emo-hc, some metal and some electronics - but i am interested in a lot more different musical genres.

jø hartmann, born 1979 and living in berlin (GER), musician on guitar, bass, drums, keys and sax. i am mainly working as an event technician, as a van- and truckdriver and in event logistics. during the last 15 years i also organized concerts and played DIY-tours and concerts around germany and europe.

while working with different projects, i built up skills in event organisation, management/accounting and photography/layout. i speak german, english and some french.
due to my queer-, punk- and DIY-background i work for things i like and support on a project-oriented basis. get in contact - if it fits i think we can find a way of working together: jd[ät]

music for me is not about technical perfection and not necessariliy about earning money, but about expression and interaction - although enough money to live off it and skills to realize ideas can be important as well.

past and present bands/projects

prototomb (sludge rock / metal, bass, backing vocals and recording)

vanta (electro / experimental duo, programming, instruments and recording)

trollenberg (sludge rock / hardcore, bass, vocals, 2011-2017)

katzenstreik (emo-punk, guitar and occasional recording, 2001-2011)

fat tony 2.1 (metal/rock, guitar and recording, 2008-2011)


guitars: gretsch electromatic, godin multiac nylon, epiphone les paul std.

basses: godin A5 fretless, 5-string, epiphone firebird

amps: fender bassbreaker 30, ampeg bassamp, marshall jcm900

recording: ableton live + plugins, m-audio interface

microphones: shure, akg, sennheiser, electro-voice, studio projects

you can hire me for driving your van, setting up your concerts, as a backliner, stage- and instrument technician or for your tourmanagement on the road. i have a long experience in driving all kinds of vehicles up to 7.5to across germany and europe and have licenses for forklifts and boom lifts for your bigger events... details and prices depend on a personal agreement based on what you need and how much you can pay. please contact me: jd[ät]

if you want to have me taking photots of your live-shows or you/your band, please contact me: jd[ät]

all photos © jø hartmann 2018